About Us


I started drinking coffee later in life than most. My first experience with coffee was at the age of 37. Our family took a trip to Italy. We went with my wife’s family who is of Italian descent. I had two young children and when we got there I was terribly jetlagged. We stopped at an espresso bar. If your first taste of coffee is an Italian espresso, trust me - it’s a jolt. It’s not the taste that got me, but the whole experience of the coffee shop atmosphere. And the amazing rush of energy that kicked in after a few minutes. It started a love affair with coffee. I came home and started exploring the coffee in my area. I loved the service at Starbucks and the way they made drinks exactly how you wanted it. I found coffee I preferred the taste of at Peet’s and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and continued searching for great coffee – the best of which I found in Lake Tahoe.

It’s our goal to bring you both a great tasting coffee and a great coffee drinking experience